Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Chicken Sandwich from Popeye's in Singapore

The Chicken Sandwich from Popeye's in Singapore

I saw people in the US raving about this online last year, but I didn't know what the big deal was. After all, Popeye's has had chicken burgers on their menus here for a while, right? Well, those burgers are still on the menu, but now, these chicken sandwiches just started selling in Singapore yesterday. And oh my GODDDDD, was it good!

It didn't look like much, but what made it work was the sauce, which was not just spicy but also deliciously fatty. I'm not sure what kind of grease they used in that thing, but it reminded me of the orange sauce at La Victoria, giving it such a tasty coating that I nearly went for a second one if will power hadn't stopped me.

And yes, the chicken itself was good too, being both moist as well as crunchy; apparently they swapped the breast for a thigh to cater to local palates here (the pickles interestingly weren't very briny; I'm not sure if that was a local adjustment too, but I didn't mind, as I like the taste of cucumbers). Either way, it's all about the sauce, and I'm going back for more.

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