Sunday, December 08, 2019

Shiki Hototogisu at Jewel Changi Singapore

Jewel's Exclusive Autumn Ramen

The Hototogisu outlet at Jewel (78 Airport Boulevard #B1-300, 6214-3543) is doing one of those four seasons menus. Only two of the four seasons have been made available so far, but the autumn exclusive is mushroom-centric, featuring six types of mushrooms, garlic butter, and black truffle oil. It sounded promising, especially coming from this guy.

The mushrooms are fragrant and pack a punch when eaten on their own. And the broth was nice and earthy. But like his sawara shoyu at Ura Hototogisu in Tanjong Pagar, it didn't unite into anything that blew me away either. Worse, a piece of salmon that we got on the side was horribly overcooked and dry. Please, Ajisen folks, don't mess this up.

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