Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Healthy Society at Clifford Centre, Singapore

Chili Coriander Fish

This is not a place that I would've normally considered (24 Raffles Place #02-05, 8862-1338), especially with its low calorie, low carb, and fat trimmed meals. But there was a sign outside for a chili coriander fish that looked pretty good, and hey - the low carb aspect dovetailed nicely with my ongoing gut cleansing.

It was delicious. Of course, it helps if you're a cilantro freak like I am, but it was also spiked with a few cuts of chili padi for additional delight. Most importantly, they didn't overpower it with garlic like I feared they might. I liked it so much that I nearly went back for a second plate, know: gut cleansing.

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