Wednesday, August 21, 2019

A Three-Way Wanton Mee Shootout in Singapore

Nam Seng

This wasn't intended to be a wanton mee day, but it started out that way because I needed breakfast on the way to the office, and happened to hear about Nam Seng Noodle House the day prior. Fortunately, it was open in the morning (5 China Street #01-01, 6438-5669). The cool thing was that the noodles came with a pleasantly smoky aroma. I thought that maybe it was because of the meat, but the meat had no such scent to it. So I'm not sure what made the noodles smoky, but I liked it.

Wong Kee

Then at lunchtime I was at Funan, and it occurred to me that there was a wanton mee place there called Wong Kee that I wanted to try (109 North Bridge Road #B1-28). I didn't like this one as much, mainly because it was sweet and saucy. Fortunately, the egg noodles were nicely firm and alkaline, but that was the only thing I liked about this place, and it's not enough to draw me back again.


For an afternoon snack, I hit up an outlet of Eng's from Tanjong Katong, which has been on quite an expansion spree lately. The good thing is that it wasn't sweet like Wong Kee, and the thick noodles were almost ramen-like. But there was nothing that exciting about it either, as the "super hot chili" sauce wasn't really that spicy. Anyway, it's interesting that the common thing I liked from all three stalls today were their noodles. But the best was Nam Seng because it was smoky.


Unknown said...

it wasn't the lard that made them smoky?

bma said...

Ah yeah, probably. Either way, I liked it.