Tuesday, April 16, 2019

SAP Thai Food at Amoy Street Food Centre, Singapore

Basil Chicken MAMA Noodles

No, this isn't a software company. It's a Thai stall at Amoy Street (7 Maxwell Road #01-58, 9722-1235), and they seem to be known for these basil chicken noodles. It's just your everyday basil chicken of course, but put on top of MAMA-brand instant noodles rather than rice, made to your specified level of spiciness.

Yes, the spicy version was tasty enough for me to inhale this quickly, but in all honesty, I'd much rather have rice rather than noodles. In my opinion, a huge part of eating basil chicken is to have a bed of fluffy long grain rice underneath to soak up all of that deliciously savory juice, and it wasn't as effective with slippery noodles.

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