Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Happy Hour at the Bywater in Los Gatos

Red Beans and Rice

I had to go to the DMV in Los Gatos this afternoon. Interestingly enough, the Bywater was running ads on the TVs at the DMV, as it was just 1-2 minute walk away. So I hopped over; the kitchen was closed during happy hour, but they were still serving oysters, fries, and red beans and rice. I got a cup of the beans and rice, which like last time was fine, although this time I paid more attention to its smokiness, not to mention the spiciness that creeps up on you. More importantly though, these were all at happy hour prices, which made me happy indeed. (BTW, they had a Pappy and beer combo that was reasonably priced; hopefully it's still available next time so that I can finally try it.)

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