Thursday, May 31, 2018

Japan's Niku Katsumata on Duxton Road, Singapore

Wagyu Donburi with Bonito Broth

I've been wanting to come to this yakiniku place for a while now (47 Duxton Road, 9162-7502), but their sky-high prices prevented me from doing so. Fortunately, I realized the other day that they are now doing lunch, and at much more reasonable prices. That wagyu donburi above (yes, there's rice underneath) went for only S$21.30 (US$15.90), a relative bargain compared to what would've likely been triple digit price tags for dinner.

While the meat above was rather lean (and thus boring), at least it was tender. Plus, it all made for a healthy meal, especially since they provided a little kettle of broth to pour in and make an ochazuke. One day I'd like to come here to try their dinner (interestingly, they cook on crystal platters, allegedly for more evenly spread heat), but I definitely can't be the one paying.

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