Tuesday, April 24, 2018

My First Taste of an Impossible Burger

The Basics Impossible Burger

No, that burger didn't topple over; somehow I just propped it up a bit awkwardly when taking that picture. Anyway, the thing that I was really after here was specifically the patty. Why? Because of a startup called Impossible Foods that has been able to create a plant-based patty that supposedly is very similar to meat, and even bleeds! They're supplying these patties to burger shops around the country, so I went to one called Konjoe Burger Bar in San Jose (100 North Almaden Avenue #180, 408-418-3160), who had an Impossible Burger option.

It didn't taste like meat though. Sure, it kinda looked like it, but the soft texture gave it away right when I touched it. It did have some nicely seared parts from the grill, but it just didn't have that aged beef flavor that I was looking for (then again, I am so picky about my burgers that even when a patty is made from real beef, I struggle to get that taste too). Well, it's certainly better than a veggie burger. And I still want to try some other burger shops to see if maybe I'd like their renditions better. But yeah, this was otherwise a bit disappointing. Side note: San Pedro Square Market in San Jose has really revived itself lately, eh?

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