Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Laojiefang Jiangwei Longxiaguan in Shenzhen, China


It seems that this place has been voted one of the top crawfish restaurants in Shenzhen, so we hopped over to a nearby outlet for dinner (39 Hongbao Road, 22655569). They naturally had several variations available, of which the garlic one in the foreground was my least favorite. There were a couple of spicy ones behind it that were much better. That is, assuming that you don't accidentally splatter some of that red chili oil into your eye like I somehow did. Yep, it burned for like ten minutes.

Either way, they had a cool selection of sides, including some kind of pickled lotus stems from Hubei as well as stir-fried mulberry leaves, which normally are a tough plant that silkworms eat but somehow they made it tender and tasty with some century eggs. They also had the option to get a plain bowl of noodles so that you could scoop up some of the leftover chili oil onto it. My tummy feels nice and warm now.

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