Monday, January 22, 2018

Yantra by Hemant Oberoi at Tanglin Mall


I'm usually not one to put up photos from a buffet, especially since a self-plated assortment of random things oftentimes just looks lousy. But this place (163 Tanglin Road #01-28, 6836-3088) has changed owners a few times, and it's quite upscale right now. Lunch was a buffet rather than table service, so I grabbed quite a few things like a lovely baghare baingan eggplant peanut curry, as well as nizam handi vegetables.

The kitchen didn't overpower everything with salt and spices, and was generally delicate with the food. That said, I'm not sure if anything stood out so much that I'm yearning to go back, aside from maybe that awesome buttermilk featuring a good spike of ginger and even garlic if I tasted it correctly. It might be more interesting to come here for dinner one day, although I don't think I could afford what is presumably a rather high price tag.

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