Saturday, November 23, 2013

Delhi's Pind Balluchi at Clarke Quay

Mango Phirni

I've been wanting to come to this Baluchistani restaurant from Delhi for a while now (3B River Valley Road #01-15, 6337-7350), but they unfortunately aren't open for lunch on weekdays. So I was looking forward to coming here tonight, and it turned out to be surprisingly upscale. No, there weren't any table linens, but stemware and decorative plating adorned the table settings, and the prices were there to match (think: approaching places like Punjab Grill by Jiggs Kalra). This had better be good, especially given those beautiful photos that they had in their menu.

And yes, the food was good, including a tender hara masala chicken as well as a smoked aubergine bharta, both of which were pleasantly spicy enough to provide some good heat, even if they were a tad salty. But they definitely didn't look anything like they did in the photos. The photos of the aubergine were a colorful mix of red chilies, green peas, and everything else tossed together, whereas the bowl that came out to us was a grey clump of goop. Similarly, that mango phirni above was depicted in a lovely orange color in the menu rather than what actually came out. It still tasted fine though.

Anyway, the food was good enough that I'd come back here, but not at these kinds of prices. Sure, I'd definitely consider it if we needed a business meal, but without weekday lunch hours available, that makes that scenario much less likely. Looks like it's back to Bar-B-Q Tonight for me.

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