Sunday, January 14, 2018

Shish Mahal at Village Hotel Albert Court, Singapore

From front: Shandheko Bhatmas and Hariyo Saag

This wasn't intended to be a Bib Gourmand day. But I was nearby and wanted some cheap beer and al fresco seats, and these guys had both (180 Albert Street #01-20, 6837-3480). Actually, the Michelin review talked about things like butter chicken, which seemed all too common around here. So instead I zoned in on the Nepalese part of the menu, which included those shandheko bhatmas pan-fried soybeans above, as well as a spinach dish called hariyo saag. I liked both, particularly the former, in part since those crunchy soybeans are in fact what I usually load up my condiment bowl with at Shi Li Fang (dragon breath alert though). It kinda reminded me of Chinese "tiger vegetable" in the sense that my condiments became my main course. Thumbs up!

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