Tuesday, January 30, 2018

93 Fanqie Beef Noodle Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan

Muxurou Knife Cut Noodle

I still had a bit of work ahead of me this evening, so once again I went to a nearby place out of convenience, even if it was yet another beef noodle shop (3-2 Qingdao East Road, 2391-0367). When I asked the lady for a recommendation, she said that a lot of people got their stir-fried noodles instead of their namesake tomato beef noodle. So I got that plate above, which turned out to be muxurou. Unlike American mu shu pork, this one was stir fried with their chewy knife-cut noodles, all without a pancake in sight. It arrived with a smoky wok aroma and went nicely with a few scoops of red chili oil. But admittedly I didn't like it so much that I'd go back for it again.

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