Monday, May 29, 2017

Tongxin Dachang Hezi Mianxian in Taipei, Taiwan

Oyster Noodle

I wasn't terribly hungry yet, so the thought of a small bowl of oyster noodle sounded great. I poked around a bit on Google Maps and this one seemed to be very highly rated and popular, so I made my way down here (16 Tongan Street, +886-2-2362-0511). And yeah, it was good. This one had some kind of meat paste in there and the chili sauce was potent enough that even just a small scoop gave a pleasant amount of heat, even if it wasn't as heavy on the sesame oil as Ay-Chung. I'll be happy to come here again, perhaps ordering the stinky tofu that I saw a lot of people ordering tonight too.

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