Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sapporo's Sama Curry & Cafe in Singapore

Oink Oink Tomato

Yesterday afternoon, I randomly passed through this new Downtown Gallery building to see what was around. This one (6A Shenton Way #03-26, 6224-0590) seemed the most promising, as it was a chain from Japan serving Hokkaido soup curry! Memories of that wonderful one from Okushiba Shoten came to mind, and promised myself that I'd come here for lunch today.

The service was horribly slow though. The restaurant wasn't even half-full and I waited at least 45 minutes for my food to be delivered, and they were completely unapologetic about it too. The good thing though was that this stuff was pretty tasty, especially with those deep fried veggies and that spicy broth (level 13 of 30 worked nicely for me, just under the threshold with which they start charging more to increase the heat).

I hope that they speed up their kitchen soon. In the meantime, I'll have to come here during off-hours, perhaps going for the vegetarian version next time, as the cuts of pork in my "Oink Oink" version today were kinda boring. I'll also have to make sure that I give the shrimp soup base a try too; the tomato version that I got today was fine, but one of the things that I liked so much about Okushiba Shoten was the shellfish-based broth.

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