Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hello Hokkaido! at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

Soup Curry

There is basically only one reason I went made the trek all the way out to the Hello Hokkaido! fair out at Resorts World Sentosa today, and that was Soup Curry Okushiba Shoten, a shop that allegedly draws very long lines back in Hokkaido. When I first saw the sample item on display though, it didn't look very good. In fact, it looked so boring that I nearly didn't get it. Boy, was I wrong; thing was delicious! It wasn't about the curry or the spiciness, but rather the deep shrimp-based broth. Plus, they fried the items to order including the eggplant, potato, and the deliciously tender chicken, the last of which was good enough to stand on its own.

Ninjamen Seafood Ramen

I liked it so much that I nearly went back for another one, but then I saw this Ninjamen shop, which apparently is some kind of a chain coming out of Hokkaido with some big global ambitions. They were making it from packaged bags so I wasn't getting my hopes up, but the broth turned out to be crisp and savory. Still, I won't bother with this again. I will, however, happily come all the way back to Sentosa next weekend to get that soup curry, as well as that deliciously rich and creamy Torokette Uno milk. The milk was expensive at a whopping S$8 (US$5.60) for a tiny 120g (4oz) serving, but it was so uniquely worth it that one can't stop at just one.

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