Sunday, December 25, 2016

Bangkok's Greyhound Cafe at Paragon in Singapore

Complicated Noodle

So this is a famous shop from Bangkok that has opened an outlet in Singapore (290 Orchard Road #01-25, 6235-4078). As the name suggests, it's not a traditional Thai place. Indeed, they had burgers and spaghetti on the menu, oftentimes with a Thai twist.

I got that "complicated noodle" above, which was basically flat noodle sheets that one threw into a lettuce wrap along with everything else and then shoved into your mouth by hand. Yes, it was messy, but also good enough that I gobbled it up pretty quickly. We also got their chicken wings, which were more skin than a good way.

It liked it enough that I'd be willing to come back, especially to try some of those Thai-influenced spaghetti dishes. But it is also quite a ripoff, with a pot of lemongrass tea at a whopping S$7.50 (US$5), and with spotty service to boot. At least the Thai iced tea was better than ChaTraMue Cafe's.

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