Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"Crab Back" at Swan Oyster Depot, San Francisco

Crab back

Man, I haven't been here in years! I wasn't planning on coming here today either, but after that last meal, I was still hungry. A quick check on Google Maps said that it was only a 15-minute walk away, and I could make it there just before the opening hour. There was a line when I got there, but fortunately it was only because they hadn't opened yet, and it was short enough that I could be seated immediately once the clock struck 10:30.

There was a sign on the wall indicating that "crab back" was available. Yep, they meant tomalley, and for the bargain price of only $6, making it much cheaper than the crab meat itself. I dipped some of that sourdough bread into it; it was brinier than I thought it would be (in both a good and bad way), but I still found an occasional glob of richness in it to keep it fun. Now, is their smoked salmon as good as they claim it to be?

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