Sunday, October 02, 2016

Blue Label Burgers by Luke's in Singapore

Blue Label Burgers by Luke's in Singapore

I'm not sure why, but Luke's offers its Blue Label Burger for only S$20 (US$15) on UberEATS, compared to S$32 (US$23) at the restaurant. And that S$20 price even includes a side of that peanuty kale salad.

More importantly, this thing was delicious. I liked how the cheese and sauce was crusted onto the bun, and was accompanied by some lovely fresh garnish. I easily wolfed this thing down in about five minutes.

To be sure, I wish the pickle wasn't sweet. The meat was also a bit overdone and overpowered by everything else. That doesn't matter though. I'm still ordering this again. It was cheap, fast, and good.

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