Saturday, June 14, 2014

Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House, Singapore

Lobster Sliders

I've always kinda liked this guy's food. But when I saw the sky high S$45 (US$36) price of his lobster rolls at his shop off of Club Street, I stayed away as far as I could, not wanting to touch the place with a ten-foot pole. Still, tonight we were in the neighborhood of his second outlet at the new Robinsons at the Heeren (260 Orchard Road #03-02, 6733-4813). And after learning the hard way that Shisen Hanten was hosting a wedding, we went across the street to finally give Luke's a try, including these cheaper lobster sliders at only S$24 (US$19).

Man, I've been missing out. The food here is amazing, and all we got were a few starters like those sliders! Yes, they worked, but I was even more impressed by his clam chowder and the distinct taste of each of the ingredients that he put inside. Perhaps I was also influenced by that awesome bar. It certainly racked up our bill, but you could see the care that they put into each cocktail and even ice cube. This place would easily be a favorite of mine, if only it weren't so ridiculously expensive. I guess they do have to pay for the cost of shipping fresh seafood from Boston after all.

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