Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Chicken Rice Shootout on Upper Thompson Road

Nam Kee Chicken Rice

This was totally unintentional. I just happened to be in the neighborhood this afternoon when chicken rice sounded like it might make for a nice snack. So I punched "chicken rice" into Google Maps, and I got Nam Kee Chicken Rice & Restaurant (201 Upper Thomson Road, 6253-4502). I assume that it has nothing to do with Wee Nam Kee, but this place was definitely old school either way. And I was very happy with the fragrant chicken and surprisingly punchy (dragon breath) chili sauce. Yum.

Kampong Chicken Rice

I liked it so much that I nearly went back for seconds, but went to check out the rest of the street first to see if there was anything interesting. Towards the end of the street I saw Kampong Chicken Rice Chicken House (255 Upper Thomson Road, 6456-0698), and figured that I might as well try it. Unfortunately, this one couldn't compare. The rice was drier, and the chili sauce was on the sour side, even if everything else was fine. Unlike Nam Kee, I wouldn't come back for this.

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