Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Loyal Dining on Wellington Street, Hong Kong

Beef Chow Fun

That might look a bit hideous above, but it was better than it looked, with super tender beef without being too greasy. Perhaps the more interesting thing was the venue itself (66 Wellington Street, 3125-3000), which my local teammate brought me to for a quick lunch. The menu was odd, featuring a lot of Southeast Asian dishes. I tried to stick to something local, and thus got chow fun. There are better places in town for this though, so I doubt I'll come back.

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Bunny said...

Hi BMA! do you post on instagram as well? wld be brilliant it you do, it is more accessible and convenient too. you can have more than one account on instagram too in case you need a separate one just for the food entries. SEE YOU ON INSTAGRAMMMM ! :D