Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Four Varieties of Ful Medames from Chtoura

Ful Medames from Chtoura

Yep, once again we have more goods from Mustafa, this time from a Lebanese brand called Chtoura. It was ful medames, but the interesting thing was that they had multiple variations of it, including a Syrian, Egyptian, Palestinian, and Lebanese version. I grabbed one of each to see what the differences were.

I started with the Syrian one first, as the ingredients on the label suggested that it was the simplest, featuring fava beans and cumin. I was surprised to find it featuring whole beans in a thin broth rather than being mashed together, but nonetheless it was spicier than I thought it would be. I then proceeded to the Egyptian one, featuring fava beans, cumin, ginger, and chili. Despite how it sounded, it actually seemed less spicy than the Syrian one, thus making me wonder if they mixed up the labels. It was rather boring, and I didn't really want to finish it, to be honest.

Next up was the Palestinian one, featuring fava beans, chickpeas, cumin, chili, and fennel. It was bland at first but the mildly spicy broth grew on me. I finished it off with the Lebanese one, featuring fava beans, chickpeas, cumin, chili, and basil. It wasn't spicy, but surprisingly slightly richer than the others. I think the Syrian one is still my favorite, followed by the Palestinan one.

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