Thursday, October 24, 2013

Finally Getting My Hands on an Emirati Breakfast

Balaleet with Egg

One very interesting thing about the UAE is that there is very little local Emirati food to be found, perhaps in part simply because the Emirati are such a small part of the population. Or it's because - as my local colleague explained to me - there have just been so many other cultures that have descended into the country that all of the cuisines have just collided together. That explains why I had so much trouble finding a local breakfast in Dubai last time. So when I saw an "Emirati Breakfast" on the room service menu at the hotel, I was intrigued. Really? I finally found a local breakfast that I could try!

I got this balaleet option, which was some kind of vermicelli noodle. Now, having seen how "economic bee hoon" is oftentimes had for breakfast in Singapore, I immediately assumed that this thing would be savory like that, but it wasn't. It was mildly sweet, which I admittedly had trouble adjusting to. Indeed, I even tried to consume it with some of that salty Syrian cheese in the background in order to keep my taste buds aligned to my expectations. Alas, I could not finish it. But I did like those syrupy little gulab jamun-like dough balls on the side. It's pretty cool that a side of dates was provided as well.

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