Sunday, June 28, 2015

New Ubin Seafood at Sin Ming Industrial Estate

Garlic Baked Crab

I'd been hearing about this place for a while now (27 Sin Ming Road #01-174, 6466-9558). But ironically, it wasn't for the seafood. It was for the beef. Actually, it wasn't for the beef either. It was for the off-menu fried rice that one only gets by getting the US ribeye. I was told that they trim the fat off the steak and use that to make the fried rice with. It sounded amazing.

It was too bad then that they scorched the fat so much that it became hard and slightly bitter. They also seasoned it with a dark soy sauce, making it even more bitter and also a bit sweet. This ended up being the least favorite thing that we got today. Instead, I was much happier with other dishes, be it a salted egg squid or even the har cheong kai, whose batter was wonderfully light.

Indeed, the kitchen's approach to food was very over-the-top, as seen in that crab above, which came with huge cloves of soft baked garlic. They also did a kai lan two ways, one of which surprisingly included chopping the leaves and frying them into an airy crisp, making them almost potato chip-like. Yeah, I'd come back to this place, but more for the other dishes than the rice.

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muchadoabouteating said...

Try their crispy brinjal, salted egg oyster and masala fish roe! Awesome max