Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Yun Yan Sichuan Restaurant in Hong Kong

Fish with some kind of soy topping

This was an unplanned visit. We were actually going somewhere else in Causeway Bay tonight when it suddenly started raining, so we ducked into Times Square for cover. One of our teammates saw a sign for Sichuan food and suggested that we come here instead (1 Matheson Street #1001B, 2375-0800).

The food turned out to be impressively good, especially since it wasn't all oily like Sichuan food usually is. My usual litmus test of ganbian sijidou passed, with an extra edge of saltiness and string beans that didn't go too limp. They brought out a delicate homemade Sichuan douhua, which was kinda like a Sichuan version of hiyayakko, as well as those fish fillets above, topped with some kind of brown soy bits (it doesn't sound appetizing, but it was delicious). Everything ultimately culminated in a special chicken pot featuring 33 different spices that blew the socks off of everyone at our table. It was super spicy, and even tasted a bit like kerosene or something, although I'm sure that it was just some strange herb that I've never had before.

To finish it all off, they even offered Sichuan peppercorn ice cream, which was pretty mild until you bit into an actual peppercorn. Yes, I liked this restaurant, which incidentally was a Michelin Bib Gourmand place. I'll be happy to come back.

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