Sunday, March 15, 2015

Shao Mountain in San Jose, California

Pork ribs

From what I could see online, this Hunan restaurant is run by a group of mainland Chinese staff, and was supposed to be very authentic and spicy (5152 Moorpark Avenue Suite 30, 408-873-9982). But I was pretty let down. Yes, the dishes certainly had the right spice mixture, but the execution was lousy. Witness the Hunan pork ribs above, which were fried wayyy too long and thus dried out to the point where we didn't want to finish. Ditto for the laziji...yes, it was spicy, but the chicken was hard and almost jerky-like.

I also ordered some ganbian sijidou as that is my usual litmus test for how good the kitchen can be, and it failed as well, coming out limp and uninspiring. The only things that were decent were the Hunan fried rice as well as an eggplant thing, but the overall dinner was still a letdown. I suppose that there isn't really anything like this in the Bay Area yet, thus making it enough of a novelty to create the lines that we had to endure tonight. But even some of the mediocre places back in Asia are better than this. I won't be coming back.

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