Monday, February 17, 2014

1010 Hunan Cuisine in Taipei, Taiwan

Hunan Ribs

Our local team took us here for lunch today as there was an outlet near our office, and I'm glad that they did. Maybe it was because I was so let down by the lack of spicy food that I got last night, but this remedied it, with nearly everything offering a good dose of heat. There was even a fish covered in red and green chili that reminded me a bit of Beautika in Jakarta.

And yes, those ribs above were good, with meat falling off the bone and yet covered in cumin at the same time. It looks like I've had this before at another Hunan restaurant in Shanghai a couple of years ago. I can hardly remember what that one was like, but somehow I suspect that this place was much better. Those crispy prawn heads on a stick here were awesome too.

Now, our local team explained to us that the big difference between Hunan food and Sichuan food is that the former lacks those numbing peppercorns, even if both cuisines are very spicy. I think I've eaten so much Sichuan food lately that it almost seemed weird to eat spicy Chinese food that didn't have peppercorns, but that was also kinda good, since I could actually taste the food this time!

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Wennys said...

I am surprise u've tasted beautika, thought too spicy for american, not for u apparently