Thursday, May 10, 2012

Di Shui Dong, Shanghai, China

Chinese Ribs

A colleague of ours took us to this place (56 Mao Ming Road, 6253-2689) because it was allegedly Mao Zedong's favorite place to go to in Shanghai. I have no idea how true that was, but there were some things named after him here, like some fried shrimp thing that looked like...well, fried shrimp. We were told that these ribs were the things to get here though, so we grabbed this along with a few other small spicy starters (this place specializes in Xiang cuisine from Hunan).

Now, when I heard about spicy Chinese ribs, I thought of those gigantic ribs from Three Guizhou Men in Beijing. So I was surprised to find these much a good way. They were also covered in cumin and fennel, which made it basically taste like yang rou chuanr. Most of the other dishes like the spicy cold noodles were fine, but this place was also surprisingly touristy too, most likely the result of being listed in some travel book.

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