Thursday, October 23, 2008

Three Guizhou Men, Beijing

Guizhou Ribs

An old friend of mine in Beijing loves this place, and he insisted on coming down here tonight. Having now expanded to a number of branches across the city, these guys specialize in food from the Chinese province of Guizhou, which borders Sichuan and thus is similar in that the food is spicy. Unlike Sichuan food though, it does not prominently feature those numbing peppercorns. The food tends to skew mildly sour instead.

And that made it all really delicious. I enjoyed everything that we had tonight, including a cold spicy noodle starter and a fish that looked deceivingly like it was covered in a Thai sweet-and-sour sauce but was not sweet at all, which made it all the better for me. The ribs in the photo above just crumbled off the bone, and with all of those savory seasonings as an added bonus. I could see why he likes this place so much - yes, it's worth coming back to.


Aboobaker S. Omar said...

The photo makes me want to come there!

foodhoe said...

wow that looks fantastic and compelling dude

Eva & Jeremy Rees said...

Awesome! This is on our list for our visit to Beijing. Can't wait.