Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Andalé Patio in Los Gatos, CA

Ensenada Fish Tacos

I didn't even realize that this place was from Los Gatos until I looked it up just now (21 North Santa Cruz Avenue, 395-8997); I always thought it was some massive chain that happened to have an outlet at the SFO International Terminal post-security. Anyway, we saw some teammates in here tonight and thus stopped to eat here too. They had these "Ensenada fish tacos" on the menu, so I figured that I might as well give it a try to see if it could even get close to the real thing, even if I knew that it wouldn't.

And indeed, it didn't. These pieces of fish and batter were so think that it was nearly like having English fish and chips in a tortilla, all with lousy salsas to go with it (and they couldn't even make me a michelada here). Oh well. At least it reinforced my belief that one should not get fish tacos in the US; it really should be reserved for an actual trip to Baja.

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