Saturday, June 29, 2013

Halloumi Cheese from Open Door Policy

Halloumi Cheese with Olives, White Anchovies, and Crusty Bread

We were in Tiong Bahru late this afternoon, and figured that we'd stick around until 6 PM when Open Door Policy opened up for dinner. We really weren't in the mood to try to decipher their menu either, so we went for their "Feed Us" sharing menu that they so conveniently placed at the top, following which they brought out a number of things, like this cheese from Crete that was fried with olives, bread, and anchovies.

They also brought out their signature 48 hour braised beef cheek, which was surprisingly tender, even though I wasn't in the mood for red meat. And while I liked everything that they brought out for us tonight, it also served to reinforce my opinion about how good Lolla is. This place is fine, but for this kind of money, I prefer Lolla's more simple approach of letting the purity of the ingredients shine through.

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