Monday, November 12, 2012

Another Run on SQ 16 to SFO


Time for a very fast run to the Bay Area. Indeed, time was of the essence on this tight trip in the middle of a very busy week, but fortunately I had Book the Cook privileges on this itinerary. I chose this gyu-don, which tasted as bad as it looked. I was expecting something at least half-comparable to Yoshinoya, but got this goopy thing instead. I wish I had gotten the bibimbap that I saw on the normal menu.


Upon arrival at Incheon, I figured that I'd give this Pungkyung Maru place a try. It looked like a nicely decorated restaurant from the outside, and I figured that the food had to match, right? This was a letdown too. The seolleongtang here was pretty tasteless, even if it came with a couple of huge dumplings inside. I had a much better experience with the Lotteria food court last time.

Nakji Bokkeum

And on the final leg in, I went with the Korean meal on the normal menu, which was probably the best of the bunch. Now, that didn't mean that I particularly enjoyed it, but given the letdown with previous two meals above, this spicy octopus seemed like the best thing I'd had on the entire way in.

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