Monday, July 30, 2012

A Naked Chicken Bowl from Yoshinoya

Chicken Bowl Without Sauce

If something looks strange about that bowl above, it's the sauce, or rather the lack thereof. See, I needed a quick bite tonight, and I figured that the least healthy part of a Yoshinoya chicken bowl was the sauce...or at least, there was no way that it could have added much nutritional value. So just for the sake of it, I asked them if they could give me a bowl without any sauce.

The surprising thing was that the chicken was grilled just right, complete with a crispy skin and smoky aroma that was previously covered up by that sweet sauce. Granted, those frozen veggies were pretty nasty, but it went down easily enough after dusting it with some shichimi togarashi and a couple gulps of miso soup. Maybe next time I'll ask for sauce on the side for dipping purposes.


FoodieFC said...

I like their beef rice bowl

em said...

Yo, have you managed to find an alternative for their beef bowl in sg? Been trying to did another japanese place that can whip up the same stewed beef!

Lc said...

i just stumbled across your page. the food on your blog makes me hungry.