Friday, March 09, 2012

Beef Ramen from Yoshinoya Singapore?

Beef Ramen

OK, I kinda knew that this was going to be nasty. In fact, after having seen what they had done with shabu shabu, there was really no reason for me to order this at all. Except that for some reason, soup sounded better than rice tonight, so I figured that I'd give this special a try.

And perhaps not surprisingly, the noodles were nasty (i.e., soft), while the broth wasn't exactly anything brewed on the spot either. It was hardly what one would call ramen; it was more like soup noodles topped with their usual gyudon beef, the latter of which was the only redeeming quality. Indeed, in the end, I went back up to the counter to order a rice bowl afterwards. So much for that soup.

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