Friday, May 27, 2011

Yoshinoya Singapore's Spicy Daikon Topping

Spicy Daikon Beef Bowl

It looks like Yoshinoya is trying to play around with some new toppings again, this time with one featuring mushrooms and another one featuring "spicy daikon." That of course just turned out to be kimchi, which was a bit of a turnoff for me since its strong taste just overpowered the delicate beef bowl taste that I like so much. But the introductory prices for these bowls are actually cheaper than the normal beef bowls, so I'll just order one of these and brush the kimchi off to the side.


Neil Dan said...

Very Nice...Yummy...Which CameraPhone do you use? :)

bma said...

Right now it's a Nokia N8.

unruli said...

This post really made me miss my trips to Hong Kong for Yoshinoya. It's a pity they haven't franchised out to Canada yet =(