Saturday, September 24, 2011

Phở from Beef Noodle #1 in San Jose

Pho Tai Nam Sach

It would almost be a crime to be in San Jose and not get a piping hot bowl of phở while we were here. Comments on Yelp suggested that the best place in town was either here (1631 East Capitol Expressway #206, 408-223-2022) or at nearby Phở Y #1. But this place had the added bonus of making some kind of green waffles too, so we hopped on down here for breakfast.

Sorta. The bánh kẹp waffles only got made from 10 AM onwards, and we were there just a few minutes too early, but they eventually got the waffle makers warmed up. They were not much more than just lightly pandan-flavored waffles, but nonetheless it was difficult to avoid the temptation when you could smell the waffle makers going at it - and for just $1 a pop too.

Oh - and how was the phở? The broth was lighter than I was expecting, but certainly not short on flavor, which allowed me to slurp this up quickly, especially with so many fresh herbs alongside. The man serving us was incredibly attentive and nice too; not exactly something one would expect out of a place like this.

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