Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kashmir Restaurant in Little India


I've never had Kashmiri food before...not knowingly, at least. So I was excited at the idea of coming here for lunch (52 Race Course Road, 6293-6003), especially since I was told that it was heavily meat-based. I thus figured that it would be a lot of kebabs, but instead, I found that it was usually covered in a curry, like that gushtaba above, a couple of tender meatballs sitting in a velvety yogurt that went well with rice. Likewise, the dum aloo kashmiri and keema kofta sat in their own gravies, the latter of which was a bit excessive in spices for me but still worthwhile.

My favorite was actually one that didn't have any curry: the kabargah, or lamb ribs that were fried to provide a crispy delicate outside and yet were extra tender and rich due to the fact that they boiled them in milk before that. And I certainly couldn't complain about the chili cheese naan, which was delightful as it was kind of like eating nachos but in flatbread. I've gotta admit that if I'm back on Race Course Road, I'll probably still go over to Mustard instead. But if they're closed, then I'd have no gripes coming here.

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Marc said...

If you're eating at Kashmir, you *must* finish the meal with Phirni--a sort of fine textured semolina pudding flavored with saffron and pistachios. It's outstanding! Honestly, I dream about it sometimes. I think you need to give this place another chance because there really are some gems on the menu. And don't forget the Phirni!!!