Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mos Burger's Premium Wagyu Burger

Premium Wagyu Burger

I've tried very hard to like Mos Burger. Or for that matter, I've tried very hard to like Japanese burgers, but for some reason I've never liked the ones that I've tried. So when I saw this new wagyu burger available at Mos Burger now, I was hopeful that it could finally change my opinion.

I was wrong. Sure, the patty was tender beyond belief (almost tofu-like), but it had none of that rich fatty taste that one is supposed to get with wagyu (or at least, if there were, then it got covered up by that onion sauce they put on it). Granted, this was only S$6 (US$5), so it's not like one could expect full-on Japanese beef. But I won't be getting this again.

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Dennis K. said...

I crave Japanese burgers really bad quite often, especially ones with aibiki patties blended with pork. But I can totally understand some people not care for it, haha. Definitely a very different experience. Also MOS' "meat sauce" (which Freshness Burger copied) is a unique Japanese invention.