Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Puerto Escondido Taco Truck in San Jose

The Puerto Escondido Taco Truck in San Jose

I missed lunch today and needed a quick snack this afternoon. Fortunately, this random taco truck was sitting around on Commercial Street near North 13th Street in San Jose today (37.363839, -121.893488 near Draeger Construction). I don't know if these guys are there regularly as the spot was vacant in Google Street View, but maybe that's just because the Google car rolled by when they hadn't pulled up to setup shop yet.

From front: chorizo and lengua tacos

Anyway, my chorizo and lengua tacos were exactly what I needed. These little puppies came out piping hot and totally hit the spot with their savory taste and fresh garnish and salsa. Mmm....I wanted to keep going for more (including some of those cemitas I saw them making), but I exercised restraint so as not to spoil dinner. Being only $1 each made me all the more happy too.


brad m said...

This looks fantastic......keep up the good work...

cashmere craver said...

I love Mexican food! Wish we had some of that here in Manila. They overstuff everything here, making it one huge hot mess.

Just me said...

Next time you're up in the Bay area try these guys out:

They park their truck in different areas. The Indian wraps are pretty good.