Monday, March 22, 2010

Erdinger Sportsbar, Munich Airport

Flügerl Set

With a three hour layover here in Munich, I was hoping that I might be able to sneak in a quick local Weißwurst breakfast at the Terminal 2 outlet of Hofbräuhaus after clearing immigration today. But at 6:30 AM, that was wishful thinking. The airport information counter told me that I could head down to the third floor to the Erdinger Sportsbar though. Great - and I didn't have to wait until 10 AM in town either.

This Flügerl set included the exact three things I wanted: Weißwurst, Weißbier, and Bretzel. I've gotten a better hang of the skin removal process, although I still haven't quite figured out how to separate the two links from each other without the risk of sending one of those bad boys flying. Fortunately, both of these moist and tender little veal sausages went quickly into my stomach. Next time I'm passing through here, I'll remember to head down to the third floor to grab this before going through security.

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RestlessSoul said...


I think there's a Erdinger Sports Bar at the Arrival Hall of Munich Airport after you clear customs and exit the luggage checks :)