Friday, September 04, 2009

Augustiner Großgaststätten, Munich

2 Stück Augustiner Weißwurste mit original Weißwurstsenf

One of the very uniquely local things that I was told to do in Munich was to get a Bavarian breakfast of Weißwurst and Weißbier, and the Viktualienmarkt was supposed to be a good place to do that. So I got up early this morning and headed down there, only to realize that there was one very important word that was missing from that tip: *late* breakfast. Yep, I got there around 7-ish hoping for a good solid start to the day, only to find that nothing was open yet, and that most places didn't open until 10 AM. (Doh!) I thus stumbled around a bit to see what else I could get, hoping that my stomach could last for a few more hours.

Fortunately, in the process I came across the Augustiner Großgaststätten, a beer hall that was serving Weißwurst at 9 AM. I was a bit concerned that it was in a touristy shopping area (Neuhauser Strasse 27, 2318-3257), but there were a few locals inside, and my stomach couldn't wait any longer. Contrary to their drab white appearance, these little veal and onion sausages were full of flavor, and went surprisingly well with the mildly sweet brown mustard and wheat beer, neither of which I am normally a huge fan of. Interestingly, one was not supposed to eat the skin of the sausage. I couldn't quite get the technique down right at first, but after a couple of cuts, I started to get the hang of peeling them.

Apparently the reason why this was a breakfast item was because these sausages tend to be easily perishable, and hence have to be eaten quickly - generally before noon. Given that most shops aren't open until 10 AM, then this really is a tight two hour window for a mid-morning snack between breakfast and lunch. Well, next time I am routing through Munich I'm definitely going to plan a better breakfast run. Besides, what's not to like about beer, sausages, and pretzels for breakfast?

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