Saturday, February 06, 2010

Mi Grullense Taco Truck, Oakland, CA

Mi Grullense Taco Truck

I haven't been to a taco truck in ages. But in the past year or two, these things have been hyped up, in large part thanks to Kogi, the Korean taco truck in SoCal that uses Twitter to announce its locations. They were on a break when we were last down there, so today I made sure to head straight out to Oakland's International Boulevard after landing. There were tons of trucks out there - all of the proper Mexican variety too, and this one in the Goodwill parking lot at 30th Avenue looked like a handy place to stop.

From front: carnitas taco and lengua taco

Yes, this was definitely proper Mexican food - none of that Tex-Mex combo platter stuff. I grabbed two tacos as a quick morning snack: one featuring carnitas plus a lengua version to boot. And it was awesome. I was so happy eating these perfectly seasoned and piping hot things, all to be balanced by the garnishes on the side. The carnitas were rich and crispy while the lengua was silky smooth. And the best thing was that these were just over a buck a piece.


ieeewok said...

Mi FAVORITE truck in the Fruitvale. You definitely didn't go wrong heading there.

Next time, if you're looking for some great tripas/tripitas head to La Guadalajara which is only a few blocks away near the BART station.

Love the blog.

The Lyrical Designer said...

ohhhh this looks so good! i havent tried tacos from a truck before, since ive been eating mexican food for only two years now... i didnt know if "truck" food was better! wish i knew which ones to go to!!
-Hungrygirl in Nashville!

babypuppi said...

Oh very yummy looking... i'm envious! now i'll be having a craving for a week or so.

Henrietta said...

I literally stared at this photo for 10 minutes. Everything & Anything Mexican is the only real thing to lament about living in Singapore.