Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tadich Grill, San Francisco

Seafood Cioppino with Garlic Bread

A former boss of mine used to talk a lot about the Tadich Grill (240 California Street, 391-1849) whenever we went to San Francisco. I remembered him saying that it was a very old restaurant, but it was only tonight - sooo many years later - that I finally found out why he liked it so much. It turned out to be serving some of my beloved local seafood, all with sourdough bread and beer on tap.

I knew that we were in a good spot when a bowl of fresh lemon quarters was sitting there on the old wooden tables. I wanted to try so many things on the menu; in the end, I settled on a quintessential San Francisco seafood dish: cioppino. It was a touch salty (and much smaller than I was expecting), but the shellfish was fresh and the broth was aromatic with all of the wine that they used.

This is easily one of my favorite places now too - I just love its character and how down to earth it is. It doesn't matter that they don't take American Express nor reservations. In the worst case, I can always just do an early walk-in or plop myself down at the counter for some beer and seafood.


vonvonx said...

wow this picture is awesome... the plate and all... !

Pete said...

I loved Tadich Grill, never missed it during my trips to San Francisco. It's the oldest restaurant in town (160 years old this year). Good to see that you tried one of its best dishes: cioppino - it happens to be one of the best in town, too!