Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mei Hong Yuen Dessert, Chinatown

Mango Snow Ice

Since we were in Chinatown already anyway, we stopped here (65 Temple Street, 6221-1156) for dessert, a place that was incidentally featured in 8 Days this week for featuring Taiwanese "snow ice." They didn't have any mango flavor listed on the menu, but I couldn't imagine eating any other flavor of this stuff so fortunately we found out that it was indeed available as long as you asked for it.

And lo and behold this giant thing came out for only S$5 (US$3.30). I was surprised to find that it was all made from the tissue-like flavored stuff rather than sitting on a bed of shaved ice underneath, but that worked just fine for me as it was just what I needed to purge out all of that oil and salt from dinner. Just watch out for the brainfreeze.


Fat1 said...

Awesome! Looks like an edible ball gown.

I thought you didn't like sweets.

Kathy said...

You've got to try Pat Bing Soo some day. Depending on the actual concoction, it can be very yummy. Don't miss out if and when you are in Seoul in the summer.

Kathy said...

I was told that Pinkberry and Red Mango in Seoul have Pat Bing Soo during the summer months in Korea.

Would they have it at their store in sgp?

Anonymous said...

What an interesting pic. It looks like the stuff from the inside of a pumpmkin, piled on a plate. In fact, now I am hungry for pumpkin and egg custard. Or bannana puding. You have messed up my diet again, Traveling Hungryboy!Thanks for your work.