Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wanton Soup in SQ First Class

Char siew and wanton noodle soup

This was the first class meal on SQ's redeye flight back tonight. Is it just me, or does it seem like the main thing that distinguishes first class meals from the rest of the plane is soup? At least, I've always tended to notice soup being served on those few times that I have flown in first class (no, instant noodles don't count). This one couldn't have come at a better time though given all of the Chinese alcohol stting in my belly from dinner.

What did strike me as odd though was these first class seats. I pretty much knew that I was going to get the old school first class seats, but these seemed to be one generation further back than the one I got on the way up. The seats didn't lie flat and in fact still featured a tiny little non-VOD screen. It didn't really matter too much in the end as I completely passed out after having finished the meal, but I just didn't even know that these old seats even existed.


Ho Jiak said...

hi, it looks delicious, anyway what camera you using? the pic looks pretty good

Pete said...

You may have noticed that SQ tends to deploy older aircraft when flying certain "Third World" routes, e.g. China, India, Philippines, etc. Inexcusable!

Anonymous said...

To Pete:

This is so not true.
The new planes B777-300 extended-range fly to India (delhi/bombay) and China (beijing and hong kong). You just have to know which flight to catch!

BTW, some of the old B744s still go to places like london and australia.

Dennis K. said...

Wow, is that what they offer up in first class?? So missing out.. Are you a San Diego native? Noticed your Roberto's profile pic. Anyway really digging your blog. Cheers.