Wednesday, July 09, 2008

United International First Class Lunch

Beef Wellington with coriander red pepper sauce

Sweeeet...we got unexpectedly upgraded into First Class on our long-haul today. I'm not sure how much the menu differed from Business Class, but I'm pretty sure that the latter didn't have the option of getting a little cup of cream of mushroom soup. It was also interesting to see Beef Wellington on the menu, even if it was effectively just a repackaging of UA's very common filet mignon in the end.

While I'm certainly not going to complain about getting such a nice bump up, it's too bad that we were still on one of the planes with the old-school 8mm tapes and a tiny little screen. I hope United completes its renovations to its Pacific fleet soon. Arguably even SQ's SpaceBed is still better than this old-school First Class seat.

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Wiphu R said...

Awesome! Is this a double upgrade? Or you're already booked in C? I envy you.