Monday, July 14, 2008

Great Khan's Mongolian BBQ

Mongolian BBQ

Alright, American food courts aren't exactly a place to get good food. But heck - they had this Mongolian BBQ stall, so we stopped on in tonight, especially since I prefer to get my Mongolian BBQ from the US rather than Taiwan.

The usual procedures applied here - load up your single serving bowl as best you can and hope that none of the noodles fall off when you get in line for the grill. Since they had a guy administering sauces, I asked for a spicy mix with garlic and sesame oil; it fared better than when I do it myself. I still prefer a dedicated Mongolian BBQ shop, but this worked for me tonight.

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Noviyantidita said...

i love this place!! i used to have it at valley fair mall, back when i lived in states.