Friday, March 28, 2008

Breakfast from Yoshinoya Japan

Some fish and beef set

We stopped at Yoshinoya for a quick breakfast today. My local friends insist that yoshigyu is much better in Japan than it is elsewhere, and I definitely tasted the difference this morning. The beef was not only more tender, but also much deeper in taste, such that you really got the fragrance of the rice wine and the resultingly mild sweetness. Yum.

The fish in this set was a bit dry and salty though. Well, this was just another one to tuck under Japanese breakfasts.


Kathy said...

By the way if you are ever in Beijing, you've got to try the Yoshinoya there. The portions are huge, the kimchi(somewhat japanese style)and japanese pickles are fresh.

It just exudes this homely feel. It's way better than what they have here. Get the largest set with the works. You won't regret it! Haha.

offspring said...

man. u are making me miss japan

Kelvin said...


Yoshinoya is quite ghetto in the US compared to the outlets in Asia.