Thursday, February 14, 2008

Si Bon, Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

Fish Kushiage topped with Foie Gras

As part of the ongoing effort to find kushiage in Singapore, we finally made it out to this place tonight (1 Larkhill Road, 6276-9896). It definitely wasn't the humble type of establishment that is so commonplace across Osaka; rather, this was the complete opposite. Located in what was apparently a former chapel, this posh brick-lined venue contained counter-based seats for only 13 people (think: Iggy's meets Tenshin), where you watch the chefs deep frying your skewers away and bring them to you one by one, complete with explanations about the ingredients and what condiments to pair them with.

And those ingredients were key to the S$150/person (US$100) course tonight. This wasn't any normal kushiage. As you would expect of such a fine dining experience, each skewer that arrived in front of us was a creation on its own, such as pork paired with sea urchin, fish topped with foie gras, or mackerel seasoned with the sharp punch of yuzu. The coating on each of these was featherlight, thus making the 15 or so skewers that we each received very guilt-free. These were all preceded by a tray of cold starters and accompanied by fresh veggies and noodles to cleanse the palate as we went along.

Perhaps the most memorable item of all was the simple slice of ever-expensive Japanese melon that we got for dessert. It was such an incredibly ripe, sweet, and tender delicacy that only God could have created it. Yes, this place was very pricey and upscale, but I liked it. The out-of-the-way location and cozy setting also made it a great place for special occasions. To whomever it was that provided the pointer about this place last time, thank you! This was indeed a good night.


hugewhaleshark said...


I had a sweet and succulent crab leg there, as well as some corn, which was nice and sweet.

Too bad about the price though.

thewill said...

I tried Si Bon last week. It was a total miss in terms of price/value. About 4 out of the 16 skewers are distinctive. The rest taste about the same. The coating is indeed light, but it should be experienced as an appetizer rather than a 23 course meal. I also ordered the sushi, which was very fresh, but still not better than Tsukiji fish market and way more expensive. For 2 persons, I spent $345 USD (2 orders of kushiage, 2 orders of sushi, 1 beer). I would have a much better time at French Laundry.